12th Board Markings: Is The New Formula Fair to Students?

Evaluation criteria class 12 students announced but are the formula fair for all? Should an average of 3 years be a permanent formula?


  • CBSE developing an IT system for the calculation of results for Class 12th
  • CBSE Examination Controller: Already working on policies for 2022
  • Meeta Sengupta: Because of the pandemic we’ve been able to break away from the old pattern

The criteria of assessment in the wake of the cancellation of the examination has evoked a mixed reaction from the students and guardians. Some consider it to be fair enough whereas some feel that it may not reflect the true academic calibre of the student. As marks for class 11th and 12th internal assessments are awarded at the school level they cannot be compared with other schools. Variations exist regarding the difficulty level of question papers, evaluation standards and process. So, is this criterion a correct reflection of the academic capability of the student?

According to Anubha Shrivastava Sahai, President, IWPA, “There are still many students and parents who are not in favour of the new formula. But that number is very low compared to the ones that are in favour. You cannot please everyone. There will always be a dissatisfied section.”
According to the evaluation criteria, class 12 students will be marked basis an aggregate of their scores taken from results in class 10, 11 and 12th. The CISCE board has followed a similar pattern. Students who are not satisfied can take the exam as and when it is held. Both boards will declare the results by July 31.
So, is it required by the boards to put in place a permanent policy to assess students in the wake of cancellation of examination in the future? Talking to ET NOW Sanyam Bhardwaj, Examination Controller, CBSE, said, “We are already working on policies for 2022, where we won’t have to go to court and would be able to declare the results ourselves. The board is developing a new examination system where students can retake exams as well as plan B for emergencies like these.”

Taking an optimistic view Education Strategist, Meeta Sengupta, has said, “Educationists have been trying to lower the stakes of 12th exams. Because of the pandemic we’ve been able to break away from the old pattern and incorporate many excellent suggestions from the past years into this new formula because of the pandemic,”

On the brighter side this new methodology of assessing students may bring a welcome change in the age-old examination system to a more student-friendly assessment.

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