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Astana Medical University – An Overview

One of the most popular medical universities in Kazakhstan, Astana Medical University was established as an Academy in the year 1997. However, it was in the year 2009 that this Academy gained the status of a university. Owing to a myriad of bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. courses, Astana Medical University is preferred by many aspiring medical students spread across the globe. Other than offering medical education, the university is also prominent in the field of medical science development and clinical activities.

For those looking forward to becoming a part of one of the MCI-recognized medical colleges abroad, Astana Medical University is here to lend a helping hand. It always endeavors to introduce innovative technologies into the education process so as to enhance the overall quality of medical education. Other than ensuring quality, the university ensures that its tuition fee doesn’t discourage anyone to pursue MBBS in Kazakhstan. The academic partners of this university are some of the leading universities of different nations and continents, viz. the US, Singapore, Europe, and others. Top-notch medical education, eminent academic partners, and employment opportunities post an academic career are some of the imperative factors that make Astana Medical University a preferred choice of a majority of students looking for low-cost MBBS in Russia.

Astana Medical University Main Campus Building

Faculties, Staff, and Students at Astana Medical College, Kazakhstan

There are seven faculties at this university. These are Internal Medicine, Dentistry, Public Health, Nursing, Preventive Care, Pharmacy, and Postgraduate Education. Other than these faculties, there is also additional medical education available to those enrolled with the university.

When comes the staff of this university entails 873 teachers who impart quality medical education to a whopping 5,185 students at the university. There are also 112 doctors of medical science, 280 candidates of medical science, 62 professors, and 67 associate professors.

Other than the aforementioned, the postgraduate courses in 29 specialties of residency, four specialties of the master’s program, and two specialties of a Ph.D. doctoral degree further make Astana University a top medical university in Kazakhstan. Apart from the medical education and courses, Astana University also offers MBA programs in Hospital Management. As a part of this course, the students learn some of the subjects in Singapore (Parkway College) and the US (Duke University).

Quick Highlights About Astana Medical University

Year of Establishment1964
RecognitionNMC and WHO approved
Eligibility50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Aggregate
Course Duration6 Years, (1-year internship)
NEETYes, compulsory
Medium of TeachingEnglish
Annual Tuition Fees (approx)4200 USD

Astana Medical University: Fee Structure

Fees1st Year2nd Year to 5th Year
   Tuition Fee4200 USD ; 3,27,000 INR4200 USD ; 3,27,000 INR
Admission Fee700 USD: 54,600 INRN/A
   Hostel Fee800 USD; 62,000 INR800 USD; 62,000 INR
   Medical Check-up  100 USD; 7,800 INR100 USD; 7,800 INR
    Documentation200 USD; 15,600 INRN/A
  Visa ExtensionN/A300 USD; 23,400 INR
    Yearly Total6000 USD; 4,68,000 INR5400 USD; 4,21,200 INR
    Grand Total27,600 USD (1 USD = 78 INR)21,52,800 INR (As on 10th July 2022)
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The better the quality, the higher the cost. This is a wrong notion that people have attached to almost everything including education. However, stating that people are cent percent wrong won’t be untrue. There are many medical universities in the world that provide top-quality education at a price that could burn a hole in the pockets of students or their parents/guardians/sponsors. But it is noteworthy that there are exceptions too. One such exception is Astana Medical University. Thus, if you wish to pursue MBBS from a top medical university in Kazakhstan at a low fee, Astana Medical University is a place to be. Here’s what the fee structure of this university looks like.

About Astana City

Astana, the home of Astana Medical University, is the capital city of Kazakhstan. It is located on the banks of Ishim River and has a population of 1,029,556 (as per the population data released in the year 2017). Other than being the home of many reputed educational institutions, sports, and healthcare facilities, Astana is also prominent for its futuristic buildings, skyscrapers, and numerous hotels. It is the second coldest capital city in the world. It has a continental climate with warm summers and very cold winters. In summer, the temperature reaches more than 35 degrees Celsius. But in winter, the temperature between -30 and -35 degrees Celsius is not unusual here.

In terms of commutation within the city, the residents have the option of buses and taxis. However, to travel outside the city, Astana offers the options of railways, roads, and air. All these commutation options make traveling quite seamless for the residents and students from different countries. Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Atameken, Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, Nur-Astana Mosque, and Bayterek are some of the hotspots in the city that one shouldn’t miss.

Who wouldn’t wish to study in a city that boasts of its terrific culture, soothing climate, high standard of living, and various other convenient facilities? Be a part of this Kazakhstan MBBS college and give wings to your medical career.


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