Bangalore Bus Conductor Clears UPSC Exam By Studying 5 Hours A Day

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Joining the Civil Services is a dream for many, but the exam is no joke, and sadly for many, it continues to just be a dream. It’s a rigorous process that takes massive focus and dedication.

According to Bangalore Mirror ,Madhu NC, a bus conductor with BMTC, studied five hours daily to clear the UPSC Civil Services main exam. He now has an interview on March 25.

29-year-old cleared the prelims in June last year and was overjoyed when hesaw his roll number in the results of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) mains which were declared this month.

Considering he is the only one in his family to go to school, they are delighted at Madhu’s achievements, which he managed despite working as a conductor for 8 hours a day.

While talking about his routine, he said,


I always wanted to achieve something big in life. I started working early to support my family but that did not stop me from studying further. I used to study for 5 hours a day. My subjects were Ethics, Political Science, Maths and Science. I would study every day, before and after work. I would also wake up at 4 am and finish my studies before proceeding to work.


If Madhu clears the interview, he plans on quitting his job as a conductor and work as an IAS officer. Looking at how much heart and hard-work the guy has put in, we can only wish him the best of luck!


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