CBSE Class 6 Science Notes – PDF Free Download

Does your ward read in a CBSE school?  Are you satisfied with the activity based on textbook only? Or are you feeling crazy to have some revision works side by side to prepare for the four times exams? If so then you are the right place. Here we will discuss about the revision notes of Class 6 Science.

CBSE Class 6 Science Notes – PDF Free Download Chapter wise

  • Food: Where Does It Come From
  • Components of Food
  • Fibre to Fabric
  • Sorting Materials into Groups
  • Separation of Substances
  • Changes around Us
  • Getting to Know Plants
  • Body Movements
  • The Living Organisms and Their Surroundings
  • Motion and Measurement of Distances
  • Light, Shadows and Reflections
  • Electricity and Circuits
  • Fun with Magnets
  • Water
  • Air Around Us
  • Garbage In, Garbage Out

How can this site help you?

As already mentioned,  it’s a perfect site for the revision works. It’s based on according to the needs of CBSE students. This site is amazing with the free download PDF facilities where one can find the answers of all his / her queries.  All the NCERT text book questions are solved here with the use of perfect methodology.

Not only that but it also provides so many extra questions both subjective and objectives, essay type of questions short answer type of questions and MCQ too.  You don’t have to log in here to download the PDF.

It will guide you like a true teacher

All the chapters have been discussed here in details by a group of expert science teachers. Each and everything is so helpful and important to them. The chapters like FOOD, FIBRE TO FABRIC, LIVING ORGANISMS, LIGHT SHADOW REFLECTION, WATER, AIR and ELECTRICITY too. Before each exam may it be pre-mid, half yearly, post mid or final summative, this site completely guides the students with its revision works, and make them ready and confident too for the exam.

If one feels confused about FIBRE TO FABRIC, our study material will help you to get rid of it, every chapter will be so easy to you as soon as you revised and learn the fact from our given PDF, just download the PDF which is totally free for the students.  S/He can accumulate a series of knowledge in details about what fibre is or what fabric actually means.

How cotton fibre is processed or the processing of jute too is well-known to the student. A student can differentiate natural fibre from synthetic fibres easily. Again if we come to the chapter 8 there we see how beautifully and interestingly body movements are discussed here.

If a student wants only the points as revision then this site provides this and if one needs in details a little bit then it supplies too. Sometimes to a student of class 6 the chapter of light shadow seems much complex. But the downloaded PDF made by a group of experts really make one clear about the idea and make him/ her ready for the exam with a point wise revision of lights, sources of lights, classification, shadows, its length, types etc. So hope it’s clear to every reader.

Make yourself ready for this site. Once you do this you are not very far from your success obviously. Here you will get a complete package of revision material which will improve the knowledge and growth of any student and this process will help you to score a good marks.

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