cowin .gov .in Vaccine Certificate Verification 1st 2nd Dose, Verify Cowin Certificate @cowid Vaccine Certificate Verification 1st 2nd Dose. Now Covid-19 Certificate Verify at Cowin Portal using Mobile Number and QR Code. How to Verify Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate after 1 and 2 Dose. Cowin Vaccine Certificate Verification using Beneficiary ID and Reference ID is availed at check Covid 19 Vaccination Certificate For international travel Details in UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UK, Canada, etc. Now get the process for adding Passport number and other details in the Certificate, How to Verify Certificate at to find the genuineness of the certificate. Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate verification free can be done from the official web portal Cowin, Arogya Setu, Digilocker.

Every Individual who got Covid-19 vaccination whether it is Covaxin or Covishield you get a Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate after that. The Cowin vaccination certificate is been given to the individual after the first dose and second dose. Earlier it was seen that individuals registered for the first dose from a registered number and the same individual registered for the second dose from another number in Vaccine Certificate Verification

It is really important to download Covid-19 Vaccination certificate Verification Free at After the first dose of vaccination, you will be allotted with provisional Covid Vaccine Certificate. Thus after the second dose of Covishield or Covaxin, you will get the Final certificate of Covid-19. Many individuals who are still confused need to check the steps for the Covid-19 Final Vaccination certificate verify for authentication. Free vaccine to above 18 years people and walk-in registration at vaccination center is started by the central government.

Latest Update>>> The Cowin Portal issues Covid Vaccination Certificate after 1st and 2nd Dose. So now people need to verify it to check whether is Genuine and Authentic. The Original Cowin certificate verification must be downloaded at portal and further use as identifiable proof of Vaccination.

These steps are according Cowin portal login.

  • On Verification of Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate, you need to open CoWin portal.
  • Log In to the portal with the same details you have done earlier at the time of the first dose.
  • All the details of your second dose must have been registered in your account.
  • There must be a download certificate option on the dashboard.
  • Hence download the vaccination certificate.

Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate 1st & 2nd dose Verify

If you are now fully vaccinated and got two vaccination certificates then you need to merge those two certificates in order to get a Cowid Final certificate of vaccination. This is how you need to Verify certificates after 1st & 2nd dose. First Individuals need to visit the CoWin portal only as this is the only government portal which has this facility to merge 2 vaccination certificate. You need to simply Log In to your dashboard of CoWin gov in portal Vaccine Certificate download using Beneficiary id or mobile number there you will see plenty of options. Choose the merging option. It will ask you some of the details which you need to fill incorrectly. After that proceed for Merge Vaccination Certificate Verification.

Cowin Vaccine Certificate Verification Online

After Covid-19 Vaccination completed, every person issues a Certificate as proof of vaccination done. Before checking the genuineness and original below steps you need to look out the below table for more information.

Article aboutVaccine Certificate Verification
From where you can get Covid-19 vaccination certificate?CoWin, Arogya Setu, Digi Locker are the primary website/ app to get your certificate.
Certificate to be allotted after 1st and 2nd dose both?Yes
Are errors in Certificate getting rectified?Yes
What is provisional Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate?Vaccine certificate which you will get after first dose
Vaccine Certificate Verification official
Aarigya Setu App
DigiLocker App

How to add Passport details in Vaccination Certificate?

If you want to travel abroad like UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UK, Canada, or any other country you need to have Covid-19 Vaccination certificate verify. Thus it is important to have the passport number on the certificate. New guidelines are already out to add the batch number of vaccine, date of vaccination, and edit passport no details in the certificate.

  • Open the CoWin portal.
  • Sign In from the regular details you use to log in
  • On the dashboard you will see a tab raise an issue with this opt for add passport details.
  • Now add the detail if it is blank or change it if it is uploaded incorrectly.

How to verify certificate at CoWin Portal?

Hence some of them got two certificates at the end of getting 1st and 2nd dose of Covishield or Covaxin or Sputnik V fully vaccinated. Apparently, CoWin does not prevent any individual from Sign In from two different numbers. Now Government has urged vaccinated individuals to merge their Covid-19 vaccination certificate, as well as this, has built up the need for Covid-19 Final Vaccination Certificate Verification. If we see clearly there is no sense in having two different certificates for two doses. Final Covid Vaccination Certificate Verify Cowin .gov .in alert details are specified below.

  • Open the CoWin portal.
  • Open your phone’s camera and your certificate too
  • Scan the QR code after that.
  • If the certificate is original you will receive the notification of verified certificate on your phone number.

FAQ regarding Cowin Vaccine Certificate Verification

What is a Covid-19 Vaccination passport?

This has been started recently to travel from one country to another but it has been widely used internationally not needed in India.

Why did I get the message “Certificate invalid” after the COWIN Verification scan?

That means your Covid-19 vaccination certificate is fake.

What is a link to verify the Covid-19 vaccination certificate?

The link is

How to link passport with vaccination certificate?

Check step by step method on

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