Google and IIM-A leadership courses-most popular among Indians in 2023: Coursera

Google and IIM-A leadership courses

Google and IIM-A leadership courses-most popular among Indians in 2023: Coursera

Courses in India in 2023, five have been hosted by Google and two courses by IIM Ahmedabad.

Among Indians in 2023 was GenAI content as searches grew four-fold compared to the previous year.

The online learning platform studied data from over 22.2 million registered learners in

India and found that GenAI content and IIM Ahmedabad’s Leadership Skills courses were the most popular in India this year.

As per Coursera, Indian learners were enrolling in GenAI content on Coursera approximately every three minutes in the year. To meet this demand, leading global university and industry educators launched 35+ courses or projects on genAI

Coursera, resulting in 196,000 enrollments in the country. A standout course in this domain is “Generative AI for Everyone” authored by AI pioneer, Andrew Ng. Within just six weeks of launch, it became the fastest-growing course in 2023

The second highest enrollment from Indian learners.

The second most popular course after GenAI was IIM Ahmedabad’s Leadership:

Skills which covered topics such as influence, authority, power dynamics, stress management, and lessons from the epic Mahabharata.

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There was also an increase in courses that are a part of entry-level professional certificates,

which require no background knowledge or college degree, and teach the skills needed for entry-level roles.

As per the report, 50 per cent of the top courses in India such as Google Foundations:

Data, Data, Everywhere, and Foundations of Project Management are part of these programmes.

10 most popular courses in India in 2023:

10 most popular courses in India in 2023
S.No.Course NamePartner Name
1Foundations: Data, Data, EverywhereGoogle
2Leadership SkillsIIMA – IIM Ahmedabad
3Financial MarketsYale University
4Supervised Machine Learning: Regression and ClassificationStanford University and DeepLearning.AI
5Crash Course on PythonGoogle
6Pre-MBA StatisticsIIMA – IIM Ahmedabad
7Foundations of Digital Marketing and E-commerceGoogle
8Ask Questions to Make Data-Driven DecisionsGoogle
9Foundations of Project ManagementGoogle
10AI For EveryoneDeepLearning.AI

Out of the most popular courses in India in 2023, five have been hosted by Google —

Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere; Crash Course on Python; Foundations of Digital Marketing and E-commerce; Ask Questions to Make Data-Driven Decisions;

Foundations of Project Management — and two courses by IIM Ahmedabad (Leadership Skills and Pre-MBA Statistics).

Other than that, some of the popular courses were Financial Markets by Yale University, ‘Supervised Machine Learning:

Regression and Classification’ by Stanford University and DeepLearning.AI, and ‘AI For Everyone’ by DeepLearning.AI.

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