HC Verma Book PDF Free Download (HC Verma Volume 1 and 2 with Solutions)

HC Verma Book PDF: When you start preparing for JEE mains, the one book which is most recommended by the professionals is “Concepts of Physics Vol 1 & 2” by Prof HC Verma. HC Verma is the most accurate and comprehensive textbook for your preparation for Physics Board exams as well as an engineering entrance exam.

About the HC Verma Book

The main reason why this book is considered the Holy Grail for physics preparation is the remarkable way the concepts have been explained. The book has been followed by engineering aspirants for ages and continues to do so.

The language used in explaining the concepts is very easy to understand and grasp. The explanation is provided in such a way that even a below-average student can understand the concepts and can easily solve the diverse questions with ease.

Dr. HC Verma’s Concepts of Physics comes in two volumes 1 & 2 which cover all the concepts of higher secondary education of physics and clearly teaches the ABCs of physics in a very easy to go manner. The book is published by Bharti Bhavan.

The first volume covers Optics, mechanics, inertia, and waves whereas the second volume covers the topics such as thermodynamics, modern physics, and electromagnetism.

The book has been receiving an overwhelming response from all over the country for decades due to its simple language, a good number of problems, wide coverage, and absolutely no errors. The aim is to make physics an interesting subject and also make students fall in love with physics.

All the concepts have been explained from scratch believing that students have no prior knowledge of the same. This is the most recommended book for the preparation of IIT/JEE mains as it helps in logic and concept building.

Something about the author

Prof. Harish Chandra Verma was born in 1952 in a village in Bihar. He is one of the finest experimental physicists in nuclear physics and had served as a professor at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur till he retired in 1994. He has authored many books but his finest collection of books included Concepts of Physics vol 1 and 2. As per his website, the professor is working over a new book for the undergraduate level for electrostatics, magnetostatics, and electrodynamics.

Why HC Verma Book?

Physics is an endless subject and having all the concepts compiled in one single book is a challenging task. So, Concepts of Physics is just like a complete solution for your physics needs. A concept of Physics by HC Verma has been specifically tailored to meet the requirements of students appearing for higher secondary exams as well as the Joint Entrance Exam (subjective).

The book is supplemented with a good number of solved and unsolved problems mostly covering the numerical part.

We would suggest having a solid understanding of calculus before starting off with HC Verma as most of the problems require the concepts of derivation. Starting with some basic introduction and mathematics, the book heads over to the main chapter which is Rest and Motion i.e. kinematics.

In the fourth chapter, some interesting concepts related to Force are unfolded. The fifth and sixth chapters are very important from examination points of view which are Newton’s Laws of Motion and Friction respectively.

Next in line comes concepts of circular motion; Work, power, and Energy; rotational mechanics, gravitation, simple harmonics, and fluid mechanics. The last chapters deal with wave and ray optics.

The second volume of Concepts of Physics covers electromagnetics, thermodynamics, Properties of matter, induction, thumb rules,  Semiconductors, theory of relativity, spectrum, Nuclear physics, and atomic models.

Why this book is considered the best?

  1. The language used in the book is simple, easy to go, and lucid.
  2. There is a vivid coherency in the flow of concepts and ideas
  3. The book co-relates the topics which are scattered and follow a channelized approach towards any concept.
  4. It is really easy and effective than other authors such as I.E.Irodov.
  5. HC Verma explains the concepts by taking real-life examples. It does not talk about the things which the students haven’t seen.
  6. The book strikes a perfect balance between the quality and quantity of problems.
  7. Offers very conceptual Multiple choice questions.
  8. All the problems asked are of varying difficulty levels but surely are interrelated. Concepts learned from the previous unit or topics can easily be applied to the current topic.

How to download the book?

We didn’t provide the books in illegal ways, you need to purchase the book from the store or can use our link to get a discount on the books.

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FAQ’s on HC Verma Concept of Physics

Is HC Verma Enough for JEE Mains?

HC Verma is one of the best books for JEE Mains to understand the concepts and numerical problems.

Who is HC Verma?

H. C. Verma is an Indian experimental physicist and a retired professor of Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

Is HC Verma Enough for JEE Advanced?

HC Verma is more than a sufficient book for JEE Physics considering you are going to solve each and every question yourself, not only the Subjective questions but also numerical ones. It contains an in-depth explanation of the topics.

HC Verma PDF Download?

You can download the HC VERMA PDF Free @ncertguess.com

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