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About Course

The data and information generated using Space Science and technologies are very important for socioeconomic development of the society. Utilization of space based information services for better planning
and decision making in the areas of weather forecasting, tele-medicine, positioning applications, environmental and climate studies, agriculture, food and water security, disaster management etc., are very important. Many space applications have reached at technical maturity level and have become the part of our day-to-day life. For example, the growth of positioning, navigation and timing applications which rely on satellite signals has spurred new commercial markets (e.g. GPS chipsets in smartphones), Direct to Home (DTH) services are now part of the society and Remote Sensing based satellite imageries are used for many geospatial applications such as cadastral mapping, thematic applications, spatial modelling etc. The applications of space technology can be divided in six major categories namely Earth Observation, Satellite Communication, Satellite Navigation, Satellite Meteorology, Environmental and Climatic studies. India being one of the leading space faring nation in the world, have its vibrant space program which has matured as a symbol of the country’s sophisticated technological capabilities and its growing regional and global prestige.


The course duration is from May 31-June 4, 2021. There will be Online session each day followed by an interactive session.

Course Fee

There is no course fee for attending this programme.

Who can Participate

  • School Teachers teaching class 9th to 12th standards of all boards.
  • Course will be very useful for the teachers teaching Science, Mathematics or Geography.


Working Professionals and Students will get a ISRO Free Certificate based on 70% attendance.

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