JKBOSE Various Important Result Notifications 

JKBOSE Various Important Result Notifications 

JKBOSE 11th Class Result

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Result Notification No: 52/ETT-2nd Year/Bi-Annual/2009-2011 Dated 20.10.22View
Minor Correction Order 201 of 2022 Dated 19-10-2022View
Minor Correction Order 200 of 2022 Dated 19-10-2022View
Notification No: 012/HSp-One (R) /Annual 2022 (22AJPR)View
Notication No: 013/HSP-One (R) /Annual 2022 (22AJPR)View
Notofication No: 011/HSP-One (R)/ Annual 2022(22AJPR)View
Notification No: 002/HSP-One (P) /Bi-Annual 2022 (22BJPZ)View
JKBOSE Various important result notifications  | Re-evaluation notice for Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.) Session Bi- Annual first year session 2019-21 of Jammu ProvinceView
Quotation invited from registered dealers/agency dealing with the electrical used items dated 20.10.22View
Result Notification No: 25/SSE/Bi-Annual/2020/SZ(Proportionate promotion ) Dated 12-10-22View

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