Kashmir Book sellers urge for postponement of Govt order on text books

Kashmir Book sellers urge for postponement of Govt order on text books

Srinagar, Dec 28:The Kashmir Book Sellers Association today appealed to the Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education (JKBOSE) for postponement of the implementation of the recently ordered board-published textbooks in the Union Territory.

During a press conference held here, a spokesperson for the association expressed their lack of information regarding the ongoing process initiated by JKBOSE to introduce board-published textbooks in private schools.

They emphasised the need for timely communication, stating that JKBOSE should have informed the association well before four to five months, allowing them to halt their printing processes for books and other essential materials. “We have a substantial stock of books printed just this year, and the implementation of this order would render it all worthless,” he said.Highlighting the financial implications, the spokesperson disclosed that substantial loans had been procured from banks and other financial institutions for a period of 3-5 years.

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He said the implementation of the order would place them in a precarious position, making it difficult for them to repay the loans. “It will have a severe impact on our entire community, leading to potential bankruptcies,” he said.He said that nearly 10,000 families were associated directly or indirectly with the book trade. He said that the implementation of the order would not only jeopardise the livelihoods of those engaged in the trade but also affect approximately 3,000 labourers and staff members, including salesmen, accountants, packers, and helpers.

“We request the concerned authorities of JKBOSE and LG Manoj Sinha to grant us 2-3 years to liquidate our existing stocks, recover outstanding amounts from the market, and settle loans with banks and other financial institutions,” he said.

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