Lakhmir Singh Chemistry Class 9 Solutions PDF

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Chemistry is science which deals with study of matter, materials and reactions. When you move to class 9, there is a slight drift in the science syllabus with the bifurcation of the subject into physics, chemistry and biology. Chemistry if not approached the right way may spear head your scores.

Chemistry is all about understanding the nature and the bonding structure of the materials. Class 9 introduces some new concepts such as atoms and molecules and the structure of Atom. Lakhmir Singh Books for chemistry is a perfect book for you to score 90+ in your exams.

Lakhmir Singh Solutions for Class 9 Chemistry – Free PDF Download

For effective learning and studying, we have provided detailed Lakhmir Singh chemistry class 9 solutions PDF.  All the solutions are given chapter-wise with proper explanations and step by step reasoning. Understanding chemistry from the basic level is very important as it helps to build strong concepts which will help not only in higher classes but also in your entrance examination as well.


In case you are planning to take science stream in your class 11 and 12, then you should have a strong hold over chemistry. All the 4 chapters namely Matter in our surrounding, Is matter around us pure, Atoms and molecules and structure of atom are very important as they are the basics of class 10.

If you fail to understand these concepts, then you will feel chemistry as a tough subject. Concepts such as Brownian and diffusion are important from examination point of view. The JJ Thompson model of atom and the distribution of electrons form the basis of element distribution in periodic table. So you need to be sound with your electronic configuration concept.

All the solutions are as per the CBSE marking scheme and follow the latest pattern. You can easily download the solutions from our online portal. We offer free access to all our solutions. You just need a normal internet connection and the books can be downloaded in a single click. You can also download on your mobile and keep them for reference while studying.

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