Latest Weather Advisory in Jammu Kashmir for next 1 week

Latest Weather Advisory in Jammu Kashmir for next 1 week

– 6th-8th January: Generally dry weather
– 9th January: Generally cloudy over plains with possibility of light Snow over isolated extreme higher reaches.
– 10th-14th January: Generally dry weather.
– Overall no significant weather activity till 14th January.

Advisory/Warning ⚠️:
– Moderate to dense fog over plains of Jammu during next 2 days.

Meteorological Center’s Commentary:

The Meteorological Center emphasizes that while the region may experience fluctuations in weather patterns, there is no major weather event anticipated until mid-January. Residents and travelers are advised to stay updated on local forecasts and adhere to any advisories issued by authorities.

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Precautionary Measures:

Given the potential for fog in the coming days, residents are urged to exercise caution while commuting. Drivers should use headlights and maintain a safe distance between vehicles to ensure road safety.

Jammu & Kashmir is expected to witness a period of generally stable weather, with the only notable concern being the likelihood of fog over the plains of Jammu. Staying informed and taking necessary precautions will be key to navigating any weather-related challenges during this time.

Kashmir weather in January & February

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