NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Social Science – PDF Download

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Here we are providing NCERT Solutions for class 7 Social Science (History & Civics), the solutions are latest and updated. You can download Solution for each and every chapters listed below chapter wise.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Social Science – Free PDF Download

NCERT Class 7 Social Science – History Our Pasts-2 Chapter wise Solutions

NCERT Class 7 Social Science – Social and Political Life Chapter wise Solutions

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Social Science plays a very important role in shaping our lifestyles. We get to know about the government and its policies through civics and our glorified past through history.  History and Civics together make up the social science subject.

NCERT text books are the authorized text books for all classes in CBSE schools. All the question paper for board exams, entrance exams and even UPSC exams are based on NCERT syllabus and text books. So, it’s very important to inculcate a habit of solving NCERT books right from the beginning.

Studying NCERT books and solving the back exercise question can be confusing sometimes. Sometimes, a child doesn’t get what does that particular question means or he gets messed up with two different questions. It’s very important for a child to understand the pattern followed in the examination and write only what is asked and is desired.


You may not be able to get all the answers to your social science subject just by reading the chapters. The question may be indirect or requires opinion. In such type of situation you need help. We at, offer you right help in form of NCERT solutions for class 7 Social Science.

NCERT Class 7 Social Science – Social and Political Life Solutions

The NCERT solutions for class 7 social science include chapter wise solutions to all chapters. Even the difficult of chapters such as Role of Government in Health, Working of State Government, Media, and Women change the World, Understanding the markets around us. All the chapters are curated keeping mind the simplicity of the language and the mindset of the examiner.


NCERT class 7 Social Science – History Our Pasts-2 Chapter-wise Solutions

No doubt history is a boring subject. But we have kept all our answers interactive so that a child doesn’t feel like getting bored at any time. The solutions give a deep insight and understanding into the all the chapters with special focus on New Kings and Kingdoms, The Delhi sultans,  Mughal Empire, Tribes, nomads, divinity and Eighteen Century  political reformations. is an incredible source of compete NCERT education with their recommended text books as well as solution books.  These solutions books are not available in the market. You just need an internet connection to download the NCERT solutions for class 7 social science in just a single click. Download it and join us in becoming a part of the biggest digital education revolution.


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