NEET 2022 Answer Key PDF Available: Download Answer Key PDF Here

NEET 2022 unofficial Answer Key

NEET 2022 Answer Key: NEET 2022 unofficial answer key has been released by various coaching institutes for the exam conducted on July 17. There are a total number of 24 sets of NEET question papers for which the unofficial answer keys are prepared. The answer keys linked here are by all-India coaching institutes like Resonance, Allen, Akash BYJU’s, Narayana Academy, and also by other local institutions. NEET 2022 question paper codes include Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5, Q6, R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 and T6. 

The National Entrance cum Eligibility Test is conducted for a total of 720 marks divided equally into 4 subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology – of 180 marks each. All questions are Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with each question carrying 4 marks. NEET examination employs negative marking so for every incorrectly marked answer, one mark would be deducted. Candidates can refer to the marking scheme below to calculate official scores. Total of 18 lakh candidates registered for the NEET 2022 exam. Out of which, 16 lakh+ appeared for India’s biggest medical entrance exam for undergraduate (UG) courses. The NEET 2022 answer key pdf for all codes is attached here by various coaching institutes.

NEET 2022 Unofficial Answer Key by Allen

Allen is usually considered to be the top-most medical institution across the country and as previously mentioned for Resonance, Allen too releases its unofficial answer keys for all the sets. Once uploaded, set-wise links will be provided in the table below:

Set CodeAnswer Key PDF
Set Q (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5, Q6)Click Here
Set R (R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6)Click Here
Set S (S1, S2. S3, S4, S5, S6)Click Here
Set T (T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6)Click Here

NEET 2022 Unofficial Answer Key by Narayana Academy

The unofficial answer key of NEET 2022 for Narayana Academy can be checked below –

Q6, R6, S6, T6Click Here

NEET 2022 Unofficial Answer Key by Other Coaching Institutes

Aside from the national institutes, many local institutions provide unofficial answer keys as well, which can be downloaded directly from the links below.

Sr. No.Coaching Institute NameNEET 2022 Question Paper SetNEET 2022 Answer Key
1BrilliantQ4Download NEET 2022 answer key Q4
2Excel InstituteT6Download NEET 2022 answer key T6
3SynthesisQ2Download NEET 2022 answer key Q2
4HopeS1Download NEET answer key 2022 S1

NEET 2022 Unofficial Answer Key by Resonance

Resonance, one of the best coaching institutes in India, will provide the answer keys for all the respective question paper sets and codes in due time after the examination is conducted. Once the answer keys are uploaded by Resonance, the direct link to NEET UG 2022 Unofficial Answer Key will be provided here.

Set CodeNEET 2022 Answer Key by Resonance
S3Click here

NEET 2022 Unofficial Answer Key by Aakash BYJU’S

Another reliable institute for the students is Aakash BYJU’S which will also separately release its answer keys once the examination has been concluded. In the table below, the direct links to the respective question paper sets and answer keys are provided.

NEET 2022 Question Paper SetNEET 2022 Answer Key by Aakash BYJU’S
Q1Click Here
Q2Click Here
Q3Click Here
Q4Click Here
Q5Click Here
Q6Click Here
R1Click Here
R2Click Here
R3Click Here
R4Click Here
R5Click Here
R6Click Here
S1Click Here
S2Click Here
S3Click Here
S4Click Here
S5Click Here
S6Click Here
T1Click Here
T2Click Here
T3Click Here
T4Click Here
T5Click Here
T6Click Here

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