Over 1 crore ST students benefit

Over 1 crore ST students benefit

Over 1 crore ST students benefit from centre’s scholarships in last 5 years

The Centre awarded pre-matric scholarships to 1,03,34,708 (1.03 crore) Scheduled Tribe.

Students during the past five years, the Rajya Sabha was informed on Wednesday.

The Pre-Matric Scholarship for ST students. caters to those in classes 9-10, belonging to families with an annual income below Rs 2.5 lakh.

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The Central Government has conferred pre-matric scholarships.

Upon a staggering 1,03,34,708 (1.03 crore) Scheduled Tribe students.

The past five years, as revealed in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday.

Additionally, post-matric scholarships were awarded to 68,74,363 (68.74 lakh) Scheduled Tribe (ST) students during this same period.

Providing further details, Union Minister of State for Tribal Affairs, Bishweswar Tudu,

Informed the Upper House that 11,925 Scheduled Tribe students were recipients of the national scholarship for higher education.

Moreover, 13,326 students secured the national fellowship for higher education during this five-year span.


what is ST scholarship

ST Scholarship is awarded to the students of the Scheduled Tribe (ST) category by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India.

The objective of the ST scholarship is to provide financial assistance to these students to complete their studies at both school and college level. Some of the most popular ST scholarships are Pre-matric Scholarship, Post-matric Scholarship, Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship, and Overseas Scholarship.

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