RD Sharma Class 11 Solutions Free PDF Download

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Here you can freely download RD Sharma Class 11 Solutions, We have listed all the chapters PDF’s.  All the Solutions available here are latest.  There is no Login, nor  Sign Up, neither Redirects, just click the downloading link, you can view your PDF and download accordingly.

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RD Sharma Class 11 Solutions Free PDF Download

  • Chapter 1 Sets
  • Chapter 2 Relations
  • Chapter 3 Functions
  • Chapter 4 Measurement of Angles
  • Chapter 5 Trigonometric Functions
  • Chapter 6 Graphs of Trigonometric Functions
  • Chapter 7 Trigonometric Ratios of Compound Angles
  • Chapter 8 Transformation Formulae
  • Chapter 9 Trigonometric Ratios of Multiple and Submultiple Angles
  • Chapter 10 Sine and Cosine Formulae and Their Applications
  • Chapter 11 Trigonometric Equations
  • Chapter 12 Mathematical Induction
  • Chapter 13 Complex Numbers
  • Chapter 14 Quadratic Equations
  • Chapter 15 Linear Inequations
  • Chapter 16 Permutations
  • Chapter 17 Combinations
  • Chapter 18 Binomial Theorem
  • Chapter 19 Arithmetic Progressions
  • Chapter 20 Geometric Progressions
  • Chapter 21 Some Special Series
  • Chapter 22 Brief Review of Cartesian System of Rectangular Coordinates
  • Chapter 23 The Straight Lines
  • Chapter 24 The Circle
  • Chapter 25 Parabola
  • Chapter 26 Ellipse
  • Chapter 27 Hyperbola
  • Chapter 28 Introduction to 3D coordinate geometry
  • Chapter 29 Limits
  • Chapter 30 Derivatives
  • Chapter 31 Mathematical Reasoning
  • Chapter 32 Statistics
  • Chapter 33 Probability

If NCERT are the lifelines, then RD Sharma is the support system. When it comes to class 11 Mathematics, the first name which comes to mind is professor RD Sharma. An RD Sharma book brings a lot of variation in the questions and provides deep and comprehensive problems for the students to solve.


We at NCERTGuess.com, have designed the best possible RD Sharma class 11 solutions,  so as to enable  the student to clear the exams with flying colors and to provide the best possible aid to student for cracking the entrance exams such as AIEEE and JEE.

Mathematics is a subject which requires concept clearance and formula memorization. The RD Sharma book offers plethora of questions which will help in memorizing the solution. Once you done with the solutions of the exercise, you will yourself realize that all the formulas have been memorized by you automatically.

Almost every student prefers coaching classes to get a deeper knowledge but complete book solutions are neither solved there and neither in school. The aim is always concept clearance but the questions have to be solved by the students independently. The teachers can help you in one problem or two but will not teach you how to solve the book.


Our solutions are well organized and prepared as per the latest NCERT syllabus guidelines. We have also provided alternate solutions in case there are any. The technique and methodology for the solutions is strictly as prescribed by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). We also aim to prepare you for the multiple choice questions of the entrance Exams as well as the reasoning/ theory based ones as well.

NCERTGuess.com is a website which is solely founded with an aim of quality and affordable education.    The complete syllabus is divided into 23 chapters and each chapter is covered step by step in the solution book.

We all know that there are many new concepts which are introduced for the first time in class XI such as parabola, eclipse, hyperbola, complex numbers, limits and sets & relations. All the answers are explained aptly with proper reasoning and explanation. The concept of limit is very important as of sets the foundation of differentiation and integration in XII.


All the solution PDF’s are freely available to download and require no signups or login procedures. If you haven’t downloaded your copy of RD Sharma solutions for class XI, download it NOW!!!


If none of the Downloading link found not working, feel free to comment below.


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