Student competitive Internships with Google 2021

Google offers a competitive internship program in their California, New York.

Phoenix and Seattle as well as a number of international locations.

Google offices are known to be playful places where some of the most impactful Internet work is done daily, shaping the way we find information online everyday.

Interning at Google

Google is well known for their relaxed, supportive community atmosphere and office culture, and interns fit right into this.

They offer opportunities for software engineers be as well as coders and developers. Like Microsoft, they prefer to throw their interns right into projects in development, and interns will be rubbing elbows with many of the people who bring us the millions of searched that help us all do our jobs each day. And they have free lunch every day!

How to Apply:

Submit your resume and cover letter via Google’s online application system, which allows you to apply to multiple opportunities at once. Keep in mind as you apply that Google places great emphasis on academic performance, so be ready to explain any less than stellar grades or to highlight any high marks in relevant subjects.

Learn more about student internships with Google at:

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